Wednesday, February 9, 2011

more of ExTrEmE....

i blogged earlier this week about our new senior division....the ExTrEmE session! i have had 2 extreme shoots this week and have to wait a little to unveil one! i did get the privilege of having a 2-day shoot in "Charlie's Church!" Charlie's place was just featured in the southeast missourian last week. Charlie is quite the artist and his "church" was over-the-top decorated with everything from a couple of jars of pickles to a couple of coffins. i can't wait to share but it's one of our senior models, so you have to keep checking back in!

today, i had the honor of working with mary bauer again! mary is a wonderful, amazing, young, Christian woman that i met through my photography but now consider my friend! mary is the reigning miss jackson, and be watching for this rising star! i predict her to be our miss america one day!

despite 17 degree temperature, mary and i weathered the snow storm. end result....over-the-top, one-of-a-kind, unique, extraordinary images! here's a few!

need i say more....ExTrEmE beauty!

simple, yet exquisite!

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Jonathan said...

What fantastic shots! Your ability to capture Mary against the snow created two amazing photos. Keep up the great work Cheri!