Sunday, February 6, 2011

introducing our EXTREME senior experience....

we have seniors in high school that want over-the-top experiences! our basic session is incredible, but for the senior in high school that wants more time, more outfits and unusual, one-of-a-kind, ExTrEmE experiences, we've GOT IT! withstanding the elements of cold weather, rocks on bare feet, friendly creatures in the subzero water....this is where ART is created! we load up the little nissan cube that's tried to run on diesel (though it has a gasoline engine), climb the mountains, brave the cold, weather the storms, handle the 100 degree heat, the "chicks-that-click" are READY for the excursion! no project to small/no adventure too large! WE ARE READY to create an amazing "YOU ExTrEmE" experience! our model in this shoot is caitlyn springer from new madrid. after this shoot, caitlyn expressed that she had the time of her life! caitlyn's images are ART...all of them, but today, i will share my favorite of her in a beautiful green, flowing evening gown in a creek! you think of the "ExTrEmE" or find the location, the "chicks-that-click" will do the rest!
looks like a warm, sunny day....NOT! this shoot was done on november 11! we have little tricks and secrets that make our senior look cool and calm....even if it is ExTrEmE!
i think caitlyn was surprised i asked her to lay down on a ledge under a bridge! you just never know what the "ExTrEmE" experience will consist of!
i asked caitlyn to fluff her hair....what an amazing shot! love that the bottom of her dress was wet! she didn't know where this "ExTrEmE" shoot was headed!
i am all about reflections! love her reflection in the water! just beautiful!
how cold was that water....cold! i had one boot leaking and my foot was frozen. funny as caitlyn didn't mind at all!
i love everything about this image! love the detail of the water rippling!
you knew it was coming....yep...submerged! hair and all! when we call it EXTREME, we mean it!
beautiful...wet air and all!
what a fabulous "ExTrEmE" senior experience! thanks, caitlyn, for choosing "simply stated" to photograph YoU!

keeping it "clicking!"-cheri!

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