Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wedding season is in full swing! To inquire about your wedding day, we'd love to sit down with you and tell you a little about what we do! Call today. 573.579.0182.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wedding Season 2012 Begins...

My gorgeous bride, Maureen (Mo), was so wonderful to work with! Her family was just as amazing as she!
The groom deserves as much attention as the bride, but as history has it, it's "HER" day! I try my best to capture a fabulous portrait of each groom!

I do my best to take all the stress off my brides by being super organized and already having planned my bride's vision and expectations of her day. Yesterday was no exception! Had a little glitch with a 35 mile-per-hour wind, so plan B was to use my studio! With a big bridal party and large family, it went just beautifully!

Most asked questions by brides:
1)Can we shoot outside? Absolutely but we will have PLAN B!
2)Do you edit my images? This makes me laugh! I had a bride one day with a blemish on her forehead and she called herself a unicorn. Needless to say, she had probably forgotten about her "pet" 4 weeks after her wedding when I posted her images, but I hadn't. I take care of every small detail.
3) Will I show black and white images? I feel some images are shot to be full-blown color, some black and white and some vintage. I feel my "style" is how I shoot and how I tell the story. I LOVE different effects.

If you are planning your wedding for 2013, I highly encourage you to call and set up a wedding consultation. Time flies and weekends are limited, so it's always best to plan ahead!

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Statement!

Welcome to the world, Baby Corbin!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

beginning of new year....

as 2012 begins, we get the privilege of being involved in bridal shows in our area. it's a really fun time to get out of our normal routine and get to set down and meet new people. we LOVE having the honor of photographing each of our brides walking down the aisle. last year, our company photographed right at 30 weddings. fun, fun, fun!

if you have a wedding coming up this year, please take the time to check out our website or follow us on Facebook. we would love to schedule a wedding consultation to give you details about what we do!

stay tuned to see the excitement in 2012! we are so looking forward to our NEW home office and studio! call today to schedule your time to be in front of my camera! 573-579-0182!

Friday, December 16, 2011

this truly has been a year filled with one blessing after another. as i reflect on this year, i wanted to take the time to sincerely thank all the people that stood in front of the camera of one of the "chicks!" so excited to be adding mary kate to our home office and can't wait to share our journey of moving into our DREAM studio! stay tuned to follow the excitement! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

baby nixon in the house

we are still busy with wedding fever, but now seems to be a crop of newborns hatched! lovin' capturing these little personalities. choosing a photographer is a very personal decision. yes....the photographer needs to have the style you like, but more importantly, you are letting your photographer in on the most intimate times of your life. whether it be your fairytale wedding day or the birth of your child or your baby graduating from high school. i always utmost honor and privilege when someone chooses me to travel this journey. i've been told i have the gift of gab....well...i'd like to think i have the gift of loving and getting to know people.

come experience our over-the-top fun at simply stated...a photography company!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

...tis the season!

wedding bells are in the air, and "simply stated...a photography company" has had the honor of sharing in many summer nuptials! so happy and thrilled for these amazing couples and families. i feel i have been on a wedding marathon but lovin' each and every minute! God has blessed me richly by getting to know each of these beautiful people and their families. i can happily say that i've met a ton of new friends!

if you have a 2012 wedding planned and are interested in "simply stated" capturing your day, i encourage you to set up a wedding consultation NOW! i usually tell people "no rush" on many things, but our calendars fill quickly!

marcus and kait vanden heuvel
jake and katie scheper
tyson and jenny moyers
bryan and ashley shelton
lance and brittney rhodes

stay tuned as many other weddings to share coming up in the near future. we are full-throttle into the the class of 2012 senior photography experiences as well! also, can't forget all the newborns that's been in the studio and the family shoots! richly blessed and look forward to hearing from you for your photography experience!

cheri and "the chicks"

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

daddy's perfect gift!

how many of you have fathers that need nothing and are super hard to buy for. well....we have your answer! either a photo of you or a photo shoot with your dad would be just perfect! if you want to give him an image of you, you must call us asap and get on our calendar. if you would like to have your dad in the shoot, just get on our calendar before july 31, 2011. $50 on our experience fee. oh....heck....i'm in a great mood now talking about dads....we will also give you a free 5x7 with your order! now...that's a deal! call today!

darla...cincinnati (573) 382-2388
kendra...cape/jackson, mo (573) 579-3638
liz...jonesboro, ar (870) 926-0514
cheri...cape/jackson, mo is home but world is my studio (573) 579-0182

Friday, May 13, 2011

to celebrate my birthday....

it's my birthday month....almost my birthday week and wanted to do something sweet today! this deal can't be beat!!!! call today!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

simply "EXTREME" senior experience...

last year, we had many requests for unusual places, over-the-top that's what we do, we decided to offer this as one of our regular class of 2012 options! 2-hour...3 over-the-top locations...5 wardrobe changes...lots of fun...unique...individual...YOU! book before 5/31/11 and receive $50 off the "simply extreme" experience fee!


Friday, April 29, 2011

introducing another example of ExTrEmE....

this year, we are working hard to allow you to bring something different to your senior experience! ExTrEmE....with each person's unique, individual personality, you should have unique, individual images. this year we are offering a "simply extreme" experience. it's for the person that wants a two-hour, over-the-top experience, three locations and five outfit changes!

if you are intrigued, call today to inquire!
cheri (573) (aka my studio)
kendra (573) 579-3638...cape/jackson, mo
darla (573) 382-2388...cincinnati, ohio is her home base but the world is her studio, as well!
liz (870) 926-0514

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


i have been terrible about blogging but trying to make it a goal. love for everyone to get an insight on what is going on internally at "simply stated...a photography company!" i officially made the conscious effort to "slow down" on december 19, and little did i know i was so tired.

personally, i am like a bear and want to hibernate from the first time it drops below 50 degrees until it gets warm and stays warm, then i'll venture back out. i am too much of a people person so i could never live life this way. on december 19, my family and i drove south for 8 days to texas. we stayed on a ranch in the middle of God's country! it was a fabulous time for donnie, malaena-sloan and i to reconnect without television, computer and very limited cellular service. we all three got a new pair of cowboy boots and have sported them ever since!

in january, we ventured back to texas, but this time was to LEARN! we attended Imaging which is a professional photographer's convention....FUN! darla and wayland travelled with donnie and i and we had large fun and it was just what i needed to spear-head my year professionally. this trip lead to another professional development trip to las vegas. kendra and i "braved up" as we are both white-knuckle flyers, but we arrived in vegas on a sunday night and had three long days of training. both trips were fabulous, fun and got us "fired up" for our year! liz hasn't travelled with me this year....YET!

at the studio, we had a 3-day training for the "chicks that click" the end of january. it was a magical time, and i love seeing the new heights we are reaching professionally. we were a part of bridal show in jonesboro, arkansas, and cape girardeau, mo, and have maintain 5-10 shoots a week between the chicks! we've already shot 3 weddings this year and have over 20 more on our word....EXTREME!

stay tuned as we will be announcing "simply stated's street team" which consists of our senior models that will represent us this year. it's been a ton of fun getting all the promotional images done for the year....we will be revealing these in the near future!

for today, i close with an image of malaena-sloan and me that darla took last may on our trip to cincinnati. there's definitely a story behind this image....could it be me trying to convince a then 2-year-old not to get in the water!?!

hope your day is filled with many blessings!...cheri

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

more of ExTrEmE....

i blogged earlier this week about our new senior division....the ExTrEmE session! i have had 2 extreme shoots this week and have to wait a little to unveil one! i did get the privilege of having a 2-day shoot in "Charlie's Church!" Charlie's place was just featured in the southeast missourian last week. Charlie is quite the artist and his "church" was over-the-top decorated with everything from a couple of jars of pickles to a couple of coffins. i can't wait to share but it's one of our senior models, so you have to keep checking back in!

today, i had the honor of working with mary bauer again! mary is a wonderful, amazing, young, Christian woman that i met through my photography but now consider my friend! mary is the reigning miss jackson, and be watching for this rising star! i predict her to be our miss america one day!

despite 17 degree temperature, mary and i weathered the snow storm. end result....over-the-top, one-of-a-kind, unique, extraordinary images! here's a few!

need i say more....ExTrEmE beauty!

simple, yet exquisite!