Wednesday, March 9, 2011


i have been terrible about blogging but trying to make it a goal. love for everyone to get an insight on what is going on internally at "simply stated...a photography company!" i officially made the conscious effort to "slow down" on december 19, and little did i know i was so tired.

personally, i am like a bear and want to hibernate from the first time it drops below 50 degrees until it gets warm and stays warm, then i'll venture back out. i am too much of a people person so i could never live life this way. on december 19, my family and i drove south for 8 days to texas. we stayed on a ranch in the middle of God's country! it was a fabulous time for donnie, malaena-sloan and i to reconnect without television, computer and very limited cellular service. we all three got a new pair of cowboy boots and have sported them ever since!

in january, we ventured back to texas, but this time was to LEARN! we attended Imaging which is a professional photographer's convention....FUN! darla and wayland travelled with donnie and i and we had large fun and it was just what i needed to spear-head my year professionally. this trip lead to another professional development trip to las vegas. kendra and i "braved up" as we are both white-knuckle flyers, but we arrived in vegas on a sunday night and had three long days of training. both trips were fabulous, fun and got us "fired up" for our year! liz hasn't travelled with me this year....YET!

at the studio, we had a 3-day training for the "chicks that click" the end of january. it was a magical time, and i love seeing the new heights we are reaching professionally. we were a part of bridal show in jonesboro, arkansas, and cape girardeau, mo, and have maintain 5-10 shoots a week between the chicks! we've already shot 3 weddings this year and have over 20 more on our word....EXTREME!

stay tuned as we will be announcing "simply stated's street team" which consists of our senior models that will represent us this year. it's been a ton of fun getting all the promotional images done for the year....we will be revealing these in the near future!

for today, i close with an image of malaena-sloan and me that darla took last may on our trip to cincinnati. there's definitely a story behind this image....could it be me trying to convince a then 2-year-old not to get in the water!?!

hope your day is filled with many blessings!...cheri

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