Sunday, July 12, 2009

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to book a shoot with ME, call 573-270-0310!


thanks for following my mishaps that i often refer to as LIFE. drop me a line and i will get back with you asap!!!


Mari's Journey Home said...

Hey Cheri,
I was just reading over some things on Mari's journey home and I found a comment you wrote months ago back in Feb. about "God being bigger than all this"
Funny you should say that. I think it's funny how things change. God does have a plan even it we refuse to see it.
We brought a beautiful baby girl into the world back in Nov. Our paperwork expired in July so unless we start over Guat. is no longer an option for us.
But again...God's plans.
Check us out at

Mari's Journey Home said...

OHhh and I am obsessed with your PICTURES!!!
Will you come to NY and take pictures for my daughters 1st birthday? PLEEEAAASE?

Koren said...

Hey Cheri

I Love your pictures they are beautiful. I think besides being a great wife and mother that you have found your calling. I need family pictures are you interested.

Hugs and Kisses