Sunday, July 12, 2009

About the Chicks


I am at a GREAT spot in life! I have a peace and contentment that I have never had before. I have a husband that makes me feel adored, a son (19 on Aug. 24) that makes me feel like I know very little, two stepsons that realize I exist when I yell at them to come and eat and a daughter (2 on Sept. 26) that makes me feel like a ROCK STAR!

I began this blog to document our quest to adopt our baby girl. Our daughter just happened to be born in Guatemala. Getting her home was a true miracle as the adoption laws changed and the country closed adoptions. By the grace of God, she came home forever May 3, 2008. I had always had a love for photography, and suddenly had the perfect, willing subject to practice shooting!

I have an amazing family, the BESTEST friends and God has put us in charge of many great business ventures! God's timing is amazing as I really wasn't looking for another job, but every year have been blessed to start a new business in photography. Watch for the latest news about my new company, now formally named "simply stated....a photography company."

I was raised in a very small community in Southeast Missouri called Tallapoosa. My parents are always surprised by what I (and my husband) will come up with next. When we shared the news we were adopting from Guatemala, they were blown away. Now, they are amazed by what God has blessed us with in our wonderful baby girl. Well....I have a new quest. Since my adoption experience, I hope to encourage and help others adopt. God's also leading my husband and me to help people have a nice smile. Our little organization is named "JUST TO SEE YOU SMILE." My husband and I also have a love for the people in Guatemala. We feel God is calling us to get involved in Guatemalan missions. So....check back in and be entertained where God leads us next!!!!!

A few "Cheri"-isms:
It's better to look good than feel good. (Mainly referring to shoes, and jeans vs. sweats in public.)
I totally believe God has a sense-of-humor...He lets us choose our friends and not our family!
It's not what you say, but how you say it.
If you can't say something nice, shut your mouth!
Shopping puts everyone in a better mood!
Living on the edge takes up less space!

Darla deLayne Beller

“What’s Next?” These two short words describe me perfectly. I love new adventures, new ideas, meeting intriguing and unusual people, and creative ways I can put my hands to work. Never satisfied with where I am. I’ve got to be either moving on, improving, or probing into something new. Photography has fulfilled that need in me for the next thing. So much to learn, so many new and creative ideas to discover, and the most wonderful, intriguing people grace my life on a daily basis.

I am married to an amazing man, Wayland, who manages to help keep my feet on the ground without restraining me. No small task..... this is definitely one of his greatest talents. We have two boys. Layne and his sweet wife, Caitlin live in Seattle. They have ushered us into a new stage of life.....grand-parenting.....with the birth of our precious granddaughter, Lucy Layne. (Talk about “What’s Next?”). Our youngest son, Tyler, is a sophomore in High School this year. His intelligent sense of humor keeps us entertained. He plays football and jumps rope.

Speaking of jump rope.....anyone who has spent five minutes with me gets to hear about this fantastic sport of which Tyler and I are members. We jump, (and I am also an assistant coach) for the Comet Skippers Competitive Jump Rope Team in Mason, OH. We have met hundreds of jumpers and made many great friends all over the nation as well as internationally. We travel several times a year across the US competing, performing, and attending workshops. This year, we have the opportunity to spend three weeks in Germany coaching and teaching in summer camps. We have been jumping for seven years! That’s a ton of time for this “What’s Next?” girl. Definitely fills the need for adventure, meeting new and intriguing people, and satisfying the creative urge to do something with my hands...and feet.

I started this photography adventure with Cheri as a way to stay connected after we moved to the Cincinnati area. Why not? I loved this girl and her family, photography providentially seemed to be the “next thing”, and besides that, everything Cheri sets her hand to succeeds. I would be crazy not jump on board. Been clicking ever since, delving into the technical, creative, and physical aspects of the business like a kid at Disney World.




Vanessa said...

Oh Cheri I'm so excited for you guys!! I can't wait to hear more about your plans for mission work in Guatemala!! It's the greatest job in the entire world next to being a mom of course! Just to see those kids smile is priceless!!

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Looking forward to hearing/reading more about "Just to See You Smile."

I love following your blog and your family. I wish I lived closer so we could schedule a photo shoot. I take my own photos but always love when others take them too.

Carole said...

I just met you last night at Reata here in Fort Worth, Texas. And then was compelled to go to your website. was spot on, you are what you say you are! I knew you were unique...and I love it.
I look forward to staying in touch. I LOVED your photos and dialouge on here too! Talk soon.
Carole Myer

Jbee808 said...
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