Thursday, September 9, 2010

tj and melissa....

i have had the honor and pleasure to experience wedding days with many wonderful couples and their families this summer. we are getting ready to head into the fall season and the weather changes the dynamics of a wedding day. i just love summer. i wanted to share another 100-degree day wedding. this couple seemed like family after the end of the day. i have to admit, their wedding day zoomed by quicker than any other i have experienced! it went off without a hitch...well...just one rained cats and dogs that day but we never even noticed. the day had happiness everywhere! congratulations to tj and melissa!

my beautiful bride...melissa!
i just love this image....mama and her son!
the rockstar best man!
the handsome groom!
one proud papa!
woohoo! only 6 years of dating and 5 years of being engaged! it was about time!
a couple that prays together...stays together! here's to your happily-ever-after!

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