Wednesday, September 22, 2010

newborns, beauty queens and cotton field....

this has been on incredible, interesting week around "simply stated's" home studio. i had the privilege of photographing many people of many different ages. to give you a run down, my one week covered photographing 9 beauty queens, 2 newborns, 25 preschoolers, a wedding, an engagement hence the cotton field, several class of 2011 senior shoots and to top it off, i photographed an experienced the birth of a baby by c-section! yes...that was all within a week, and you ask how i feel...well...super, super, super blessed!!!! God keeps taking me out of my comfort zone, and i am honored by each life that i stand behind the camera to photograph! WOW!!! a dream come true!

i am so excited about our new blog header! the four of the "chicks" will get to spend the whole day together tomorrow and i am excited! we will also share in celebrating our one year anniversary saturday night at 7:30pm at the studio. if you haven't been invited, you have! i appreciate each and every customer, and would love to see your face. there will be an unveiling of 17 of my favorite images, giveaways, free 5x7 for each person attending and great music. if you need details, call me at 573-579-0182!

upcoming event is my daughter's 3rd birthday sunday! i know....i can't believe it either, but it's true! i will try hard in getting some pictures on my blog right away! also....SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO "SIMPLY STATED!" sunday, december 5 from 12-4! call today to book a fun experience for your little one(s)!!!!

lastly...wanted to share a link! i had the honor of photographing candy coburn's new cd cover! please take the time and show your support to this bootheel girl! click here!
nothing like a good ol' cotton field to inspire this southern girl! i loved this shoot...magical!

my beautiful bride...she and her family were beautiful and treated me with such warmth! literally....about 95 degrees on her wedding day, but we rocked it!

not many words have to be said here....this one-year-old is PURE sweetness!

this youngun' was full of energy and made the shoot fun for both of us! her mama laughed a lot with me just working with her!

another one of those incredible baby experiences and this little lady was welcomed by 3 older brothers! can't wait to watch her grow up in front of the camera!

this young lady was a pleasure to work with....she was truly a natural in front of the camera. made my job easy! just loved this image!

my stars were perfectly aligned during this new baby's experience! he was just one week old and knew he didn't want to miss anything i was up to! about 5 minutes after this image, he zonked out to get some super sweet images for mama and daddy!

my super special pageant girl who is blossoming before the camera! she is a ball of fun to work with! love her and her family that is so supportive!

this little pageant girl is from up north! she is about 1 1/2 years and full of personality that of which she was trying to hide! we got some great images!!!

i have many more images to share, so show up for our party saturday night to see if one of them is YOURS! please call today for your photographic needs!!!!

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