Sunday, April 25, 2010

sunday review....

dust is starting to settle (literally) at the studio! well....i have my brick wall that i had to have! it looks awesome and photographs even better. it not only adds character to my studio but more importantly to my images. each brick came from tallapoosa (my hometown.) some of the bricks are left overs from the house i grew up in that was built in 1974. i'll try to get a video tour on here this week to share. i did get a gift from my husband that isn't in place yet....a new chandelier! so excited!

our framing business is coming right along. our frames rock, in fact, plan to take some of my stuff down at home and replace with my images in art! i've even had men asking about them....super unique stuff!

gearing up for our class of 2011 promotion! it's quite exciting and will be tons of fun! 'til next week, see you behind my lens!
you'll be seeing more of this pretty girl! she is a senior this year, and truly prettier on the inside than out!
this is my sister-in-law's (christy) dad, kent hampton. he's running for missouri state representative. we had a lot of fun taking these photos!
to get to photograph my family for any reason is always an honor!
the dynamics of a family picture cracks me up! this is an engagement shoot for this family! the kiddos were so spunky and friendly! i immediately had 2 new friends!
i know this is the 3rd week that brad and zephra made my favorite list BUT i unveiled them this week. i love this one so much!
can't wait to share this couple's december wedding! it was so much fun going "down home" shooting all around my old stomping grounds!

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