Wednesday, April 28, 2010

studio tour...still in progress

i have been blogging for nearly three years. it all began with documenting our adoption of malaena-sloan. at first, it was like therapy then it became addictive as i followed several other adoption blogs. now, i wonder if people really read my blog as facebook has really seemed to take over. i know i have a counter on my blog but i can never remember to look at it. soooo....i have a favor to ask you leave me a comment on here or on my link on facebook that you still check in on occasion!

personally, we are amazed by malaena-sloan! she is super active, super flexible, super talkative and all-around precious. still fights her sleep each night tooth and nail, but she's so easy on most every other thing. she has an addiction to peppermint. it's amazing what she will do for a peppermint. she now is calling donnie "poppy" or "davvy." we have no clue where she came up with this but think it might stick. today, i was working at my computer and she said, "Hey, Cheri, I want Dora." i said, "What did you call me?" she grinned and repeated what i heard! such a little "grown-up!"

malaena-sloan is all about role playing. donnie and i are her baby, and she's the baby. she tells us exactly how she wants us to act when we are the baby. she gets fighting mad if we do something differently than what she instructs. she is all about pony tails everyday of her entire life. she even wants me to wear one. she really likes at least two ponies and they have to be PINK rubberbands regardless of her color ensemble that day. we ask her what her favorite color is and she says, "I lub (love) pink!" it is the sweetest thing ever how obsessed she is with pink.

enjoy the blog and know that i really do still have nice hair. it's been really humid here and rainy and pointless to try to tame my curly flock! for now....i'll see you behind my lens!!!


Sarah said...

Still reading... on google reader. Not great about commenting, however, but promise to get better! I just started blogging again... facebook is just not as good at telling a story since it is one status line at a time. So, I hope you continue to keep blogging!!

Love your little pinkalicious girl!

Raymond said...

Cheri everytime I see a new blog posts and most of the time when I see new pics you posted on your blog, I am always reading it and loving it. I am so glad you have your blog, if not I would not be able to keep up with everything you have done or are doing. You that I love you and I know that you love to be busy and doing good for others. I also love little Mae-Sloan's expressions, so cant wait to meet her. Love Jess

香君 said...

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The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Still reading! I love reading about Mae-Sloan's adventures. I also enjoy your photography and check in often for updates. Facebook doesn't catch it all.