Sunday, April 18, 2010

fastest week ever.....

i think i started last sunday's post with "whew!" i could also start this week's the same way! busy, busy, busy in our world. we had the privilege of having our dear friends, susie and bella, with us all week! we had a great time just being together! i hope the madness of our world wasn't too much for them as it gets a bit crazy! we are rockin' and rollin' at the studio! things are really starting to come together, and i'll try to share that this week. we are running a great promo for mother's day right now, and gearing up a fabulous promotion for 2011 seniors!

this week, i took off work thursday and friday to take bella and susie to kentucky lake. mmmmmm.....patti's porkchops and pies happen to be one of my favorite things ever! sus doesn't really eat pork and neither do i, but patti's is my exception! the girls really had fun and the pair of them stopped traffic where ever we went! it was fun!

oops! i just looked at the time! i must get movin' and shakin' and head to the bootheel for some great fun! i'll close with my favorite picks of pics for the week!

i love this on so many levels! the main one is i can totally see susie and i doing the same thing in a picture! sweet!
this would be considered an out-take! the girls were OvEr me! so, we told them to jump up and down!
i end with ta-da! people always ask if i pose her and that answer would be, "UH NO!" my daughter will not do things she doesn't want to do. she has a total mind-of-her own!

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