Monday, February 22, 2010

a "candy" experience....

last week, i had the privilege of photographing candy coburn! candy has a cd about to be released and one of my images is going to be the COVER!!!! last week was hectic. if you haven't guess by now, i officially have a STUDIO! it is a fabulous, beautiful building and i will talk more about that soon. this first of last week, i had a crew working with me to prepare for candy's shoot. one shoot....but it took a small crew to make it all happen. the day of the shoot, i had three people helping me and candy. it was so much fun and it was something i could do everyday!

i am silly enough that i have no details of when the cd release date is but i invite you over to candy's site! she fantastic as i've seen her perform a couple of times! i'll give more details about the release date when i get it!
assistant #1
assistant #2
one of the final images that didn't make candy's cut but i loved it!!!!


腰痠 said...


Magda said...

We love the photos you took, Cheri, and we are really excited to be using them on the upcoming single AND the full cd!

We expect the single to be officially released at the end of March. We would like to invite everyone to keep checking and sign up for the newsletters to find dates and more information as we release it. We will also be posting news about a chance to be a part of Candy's single release party and new music video!

Thanks for doing such a great job!

God Bless!


Magda Russell
Right Time Promotions and Public Relations
Personal Assistant / Director of PR and Media Management