Monday, March 1, 2010

over the weekend....

many shoots this weekend and lots to do, but took the time for date-night with donnie. we went to a great shindig for a great cause. my bff, chantelle, was instrumental in hosting it. it was called "celebrate hope" and was put into motion to raise $100,000 to build an orphanage in africa. the last report i got was $115,000 raised. praise be to God. it was super nice and was fun catching up with friends and hanging out with donnie.

another busy week ahead. gearing up for spring pictures as well as seniors for next year. we've gotten several future seniors to help promote "simply stated" but could use a few more if you, your child or a friend would be great for this job. just give me a call! 573-579-0182. have an awesome week and stop to count your blessings!!!!

this is a super special couple that i had the honor of photographing. this young lady is ms. alicia and is a rock star in our world. she's malaena-sloan's preschool teacher. we adore her, and her fiance, robert, is so nice as well. you'll be seeing more of this couple as i have the privilege to photograph them on their september 25 wedding day!!!!
not behind the camera and all cleaned up! you can definitely tell i got my spray tan going on!!!! i can remember when i was little my mama telling me that fat looks better with a tan. i tend to agree. when i was spray tanning, i told malaena-sloan she'll never have to do this!!!
my husband and i going out on the town. we really even got a babysitter!!!
our doll baby!!!! she is thriving and truly enjoys and loves life! out of the blue, she'll say, "i happy!"

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