Friday, February 12, 2010

at it again....

"simply stated...a photography company" is at it again! donnie and i are at an in-depth weekend photography workshop! once again...I AM IN MY ELEMENT!!!! my learning curve (as well as donnie's) is at it's peak. i don't know who is enjoying it or learning more. all i can say to our future and past clients is GET READY! we are going to bring things to our area that people are not accustomed to! i hope i can sleep tonight as i am so, so, so excited! for years i have followed donnie all over the place for insurance training, now i have taken us to paola, kansas, for a whole new experience. quite unique, quite interesting...we are evolving!!!!

on a personal note to all my blog followers that have been with me through our adoption of malaena-sloan, this is the FIRST time we have ever left her. it will be 3 nights total and our report so far is she only had one meltdown. imagine was only when she didn't get her way! she wanted to wear her sponge bob pj's in public. we can't figure out what is up with the pajamas. she wore them every single minute while we were in texas that we weren't out in public. she has continued to do it since we returned home. i have to wash them and she puts them back on. strange but she likes it.

i'm leaving you with one image of her sweetness!

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