Thursday, December 10, 2009

fun and sassy.....

meet lisa! she is a fabulous girl that i met through our restaurant! we decided to take a sunday afternoon before she went to work to play! the results are breathtaking, so i thought i'd share a few! lisa's going to help me market to the seniors in her school! if she sells photo shoots like she can sell cookies, it's a win/win!
water seemed to be the focal point of this whole shoot! this senior wanted to have her picture taken in the rain, but it wasn't raining. soooo...i'm creative enough to think if the rains not coming down on her, she can get in the water!
i just love this for so many reasons. one particularly is the sky!
nope, this isn't an old image from summer. this image was taken november 30th! she wanted to get in the water and i told her if she did, she had to lay down and even get her hair wet! she did it! i love the pictures. Memorable senior shoot!
yep....all wet from head to toe! love it!

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