Sunday, December 13, 2009

a few of our family....

never a dull moment around our house. weekends are especially busy now that i've started my photography business. malaena-sloan hangs out with dad a lot. sometimes they go with me to work but yesterday was too cold. so, they hung out at home. when i came home from work, malaena-sloan was setting the table for many people to eat the mac 'n cheese brock was whipping up. though she had already eaten her supper, she was ready to eat again.....normal for this child.
brock is home for a few days! it's tradition for me to take a pic of him in front of the tree! i'm excited that i've mastered turning the lights out and using my flash. i love the way the lights look on the tree, and especially love how happy my son looks!
my two babies!
here's the crazy mama! it had been a long day working, but i wanted one in front of the tree, too!
malaena-sloan plays with the nutcrackers a lot. she repositions them, turns them backwards, moves them off the step, etc. i wanted her to stand by the nutcrackers but she does what she thinks is best, after all she is a future photographer!

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