Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Anniversary!

I know I have bragged on my husband being romantic and mushy. Well, today he did it again! I tried to be romantic and I did get the "right" card that said it ALL! I had Sheri with Bella Bambino Photography have a "special" shoot of me in my "sexy" mode. My sexy mode is funny, but Donnie loved the pictures!

My gift was GREAT! I knew he was getting my "DREAM" camera and told him that would be my anniversary gift. It was supposed to come in on Thursday, and he went to pick it up and he said it was back-ordered AGAIN! I never thought twice about it. I also had found the ideal camera bag a couple of weeks ago and mentioned it to him! This morning he came in with my AMAZING RED camera bag!!!! I was thrilled. I started taking the packing stuff out and surprise! SURPRISE! There was my DREAM CAMERA!!!! The images today were shot with the Canon 5d. It is a full-frame camera which is much different than the 50d, but the colors are vivid and it can potentially take me as a photographer to a whole new level. NOW....that's up to me to practice, practice and practice some more!

We ate at Patti's at Kentucky Lake. Yummy food + well-behaved daughter + loving husband = one HAPPY CHERI!!!!!
The love of my life and our baby girl!
This is "the LOOK!" This says, "I am so OVER YOU, Mama!"

She was really comfortable in the tractor seat! Perhaps another little farm girl at heart!
Proof I was involved in this day!



Glad you had a wonderful anniversary. Your pictures are beautiful as usual :)

Maggie has a new fascination with cowgirl boots and wants to wear them EVERY morning :)

Chantelle Becking said...

Awesome! Love love love the images and you guys! So happy you had a great anniversary and Big D could give some serious lessons in awesome gift giving...LOVE IT!

Robyn said...

Gorgeous pics!! Happy Anniversary!!

noelle said...

She's beautiful, Cheri! Love the one with her backwards on the tractor seat!