Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cowgirl in Risco.....

Thursday evening, we had tickets to see Trace Adkins and Toby Keith. Well, Malaena-Sloan went with us. Mama had to get her "cowgirl attire" and found red cowgirl boots! The concert was postponed due to tornadoes, but Malaena-Sloan's boots are a big hit! She wore them to Grammy and Papa's and even Grandma Fortner (who seldom notices clothes) said she loved her outfit and boots! I've always been a cowgirl at heart, and have attempted many times to overcome my fear of horses. I was bucked off as a child and my brother landed on top of me. Never felt the same about horses again. I love to wear the clothes but have a hard time walking-the-walk! Malaena-Sloan loves to look at horses, so Mama is going to teach her to love the wardrobe.

Malaena-Sloan is an ANIMAL LOVER! I am not-so-much. Cats are my least favorite. She has no fear of them as you'll see below!

Fun at Gram and Papa's house!
No horse available, so trying to master the trike!
Surprise, Mama! Flowers taller than me!
Exploring in Grammy's tall flowers!
She's tickled because she touched his tail. Furry friend is getting the heck out of dodge by climbing up the tree!


Jaimee said...

These pictures are amazing! And, I love that little cowgirl bubble outfit, how cute is that!

Hannah said...

That is the cutest outfit every! I love it. I am in total envy of your photography skills. How did you find a photographer willing to train you? Totally jealous!