Saturday, August 8, 2009

Celebrating Brock.....

This is a shocker....the focus of this post is NOT Malaena-Sloan! This post is to honor Brock Steven Fortner Evans. He's my bouncing, baby boy. I can't even wrap my head around the fact that on August 24, 1990, at 3:16am, he arrived into this world. In SO many ways, that seems about six-months-ago, but, nope, nearly 19 years has passed. I love any reason to celebrate and get the family together to chat, have fun and of course, eat! We combined Brock's 19th birthday celebration with his GOING AWAY PARTY! He will move to Columbia, MO, next weekend to begin his college education at the University of MO! I couldn't be prouder. Brock is truly the kind of young man that could live at home forever! He's given us not one ounce of trouble, has been very active in church, and has maintained very good grades! Donnie and I feel if anyone is prepared to go to college, it's him (not his Mama!)

Yesterday, Brock had his last day at McAlister's Deli in Cape. He's worked there since we opened which will be 5 years in October. Donnie and I totally surprised him yesterday by asking him to go with us to get his sister from preschool, and instead he test drove what became his new car. It's his dream car (since he was 14)....a steel colored eclipse.

Today was a blessed day. Grandpa Evans cooked Brock's favorite spaghetti and Aunt Stacy was requested and did make the corn casserole. I went to Hoeckele's Bakery in Perryville and got his favorite cookies that he's had every birthday.

This week entails getting the boy ready for school. Oh...and I have news of my own. I resigned from my part-time job. I feel relieved as I couldn't keep up with everything. I will continue practicing photography and will take some online courses starting right after we get back from our vacation to see Susie in Michigan. We move Brock in on the 16th then we are heading to see our friends!!!! Malaena-Sloan says the cutest form of Bella and Susie you've ever heard!

This is Brock-ster with his Dad's parents, his Aunt Stacy and his cousin, Kayla. Still seems odd with Steve not in this picture! He was surely missed today!

So happy our friends (nearly family) came to join our fun!

Bianca just itching to get in the pool!

Mama and Daddy came to celebrate. Mom is sandwiched in here!

My favorite cousin, BreAnna and her husband David with their 3-month-old son, Silas!

My parents with my two kiddos!


Chantelle Becking said...

Love the post and was so glad to be there. I know this is such a huge time in life for both you and Brock. Glad we could be there to support that awesome boy man! ha ha
You look awesome and so does your mom. You will look so much like her when you are her age...LUCKY!
We love you guys so much and I cannot imagine life without you in the middle of it.
Remind me not to wear white pants when getting pic taken in the future...hee hee

Pineapple Princess said...

You know, I can feel how much you love Brock through your writing. I can feel your excitement and angst that he is leaving for school all at the same time.
Now I am feeling kind of glum that your son is moving and I haven't even me him yet.
I gotta go get a tissue...

Pineapple Princess said...

I meant "MET him".