Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Little About Malaena-Sloan....

Malaena-Sloan and I took a little trip to Grammy and PaPa's house. We left Sunday and returned today. She was such a JOY!!! She does very well with about any change but the shocker is the trip didn't interrupt her pottying. I'm thrilled to report that she has only went "Shoooeey" 3 times in her diaper in the last 10 days....the other times have been either on the big potty or potty chair. Today we were shopping and she looked at me funny and I asked her if she needed to go and she nodded yes. I took her and sat her on the potty and like MAGIC...she went! Malaena-Sloan is sleeping better and potty-training....YEAH FOR MAMA AND DADDY!!!!!

Oh! Daddy! I don't know what you are up to, but I think I am going to love it!!!
So many to love....so little time!!!
My Daddy is the BEST friend to play with. He's SUPER creative. Here we are having a party with all my friends.
This is the look of SATISFACTION....she so knows she is getting by with something!!
Malaena-Sloan LOVES finding little spots to mark as "her" seat....this being her latest!
My Daddy's GREAT....He lets me go where Mama doesn't!
Just arriving at Grammy's house....ONE HAPPY CHICA!!
It just doesn't get any better than this....
Havin' fun at Grammy's with Drew and Owen!


Nicole and Mark said...

Hi Cheri!
I love your blog so much, and Malena Sloan is to die for! I love her outfits and it looks like you guys are all having a blast. I must ask, where did you get that adorable outfit (zebra print) that she is wearing? I love dressing Ana up too and I could picture her in something like that! Take care and keep enjoying these moments. Malena is a very lucky little girl.

nikki said...

Wow what a big girl going on the potty!!!!
Can Malaena-Sloan give Olivia a few pointers on potty training, she seems to have decided she wants to stay in diapers!!

PS Love all ther cute outfits!!!

Ferrick said...

That is the cleanest refrigerator ever! WOW! Absolutely love the black and white outfit and I am still in shock Malae is potty training, Bella just learned to walk and she is 4 weeks older than Malae. Luv ya sissy.

ebarnes said...

Hi Cheri,
We are a fellow PH family. I started following your blog when you posted it way back when on the PH group email. I love your it! Malena-Sloan is so cute and her personality reminds me so much of Ryan's(turned 2 on jan. 8th). Like you, there is never a dull moment at our house and the next "messy adventure" is always just around the corner. I also know that satisfaction "smirk" all too well. We are in trouble if Ryan and Melena-Sloan ever get together. They could be quite a team! Erika