Thursday, January 8, 2009


We are having a ball with our girl! Everyday is an adventure and Malaena-Sloan amazes both Donnie and I daily! We purchased her potty chair on Wednesday. I assembled it, took it to the bathroom, asked Malae if she wanted to use it, she responded "YEAH", I put her on it and SHE PERFORMED! Malaena-Sloan eats all day long but is in constant motion all day long as well. She truly putters around all day and night. It's so cute.

Oh, and thank you blogging friends....Malaena-Sloan won first runner up in the baby picture contest! I'm sure Hollywood will be calling tomorrow!
Malaena-Sloan has discovered "winking" and she wanted do it in every picture...this is Mama trying to reason with a 15-month-old!
Another "new trick" shot!
Daddy and Malaena-Sloan in the middle of giving yet another wink!
Our HAPPY Girl!
Malaena-Sloan's first bubble bath, and she got a new Barney to share the fun time!
This is Malae's new thing...she shrugs her shoulders to express herself...sweet!
Malae cheesing it and Cousin Drew trying to learn how!
Malae's a good teacher...Cousin Drew cheesing it!
These two HOT chicks have lunch once a week at least at McAlister's! BFFs!
Hanging out with Nikki at her new beauty shop...Malae should be able to highlight someone's hair by age 2!
This is right when we got to Chuck E. Cheese's...Malaena-Sloan's first trip. She was beside herself with excitement!!!
Right after we got there, Malae got down and started her "jigging!" It was so cute!
Checking it all out and holding on to Mama for security!
Malaena-Sloan looked at Chuck E. the whole day with this expression....Like...Who do you think YOU are?!!!
Doing a little driving!
Defying all WEIGHT LIMITS!!!
Daddy lets Malae practice putting coins in a jar and it surely paid off...she could totally spend the tokens!!
Amelia is our friend that went with us...WOW! It's hard to catch one picture with the both looking at me!
Meeting Chuck E. Cheese must be overrated! Malae just wasn't sure and really had to stare to take it all in!


Jack said...

Oh what a cutie she is! Looks like you guys are having a ball! I must say Malaena is such a fashionable girl, always looking adorable :)

Ferrick said...

ok, the picture of malae up front at chuckee cheese...priceless. I think that may be my favorite of all time. And her lashes, I didnt notice them before. Love all the outfits. Hugs, Sus

Courtney said...

YIPPIE !!!!!!!! Good girl going on the potty. Stella went her second time this week. I love all the new pictures. How funny is she winking, I love it. Oh and congrats on being runner up. Love it. Courtney

Vanessa said...

Congrats on the contest!! You know she's still cuter than the winner right?

Steph said...

What a big girl!!! I love all the pictures. Such a beauty/

Brenda & Steve Butler said...

Love the pics...she is adorable! Miss you! Bren