Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The last couple of days, Malaena-Sloan and I haven't done much. We have laid low because it is so cold and Malaena's nose still isn't 100%. This morning, Donnie and I were in the kitchen and Malaena was just walking around. She grabbed my big, black sunglasses off the stairs and put them on her face upside down. Donnie and I cracked up. It amazes me HOW MUCH she truly understands. She will take my watch off my arm and put in on hers. She's also found an interest in ink pens. She loves to draw on paper.

Last week this happened and I forgot to post it, but again today was reminded of it. Malaena-Sloan was taking a bath in our big bathtub having a ball! I only put a couple of inches of water in the tub and I got all these toys out that forgot she had. Next thing I know, Donnie said she had pooped in the tub. Donnie jumped ship watching her and I cleaned up the "shooey." What is it that makes a little tike want to poop in the water?! I explained to Malae again that we don't do that cause it's gross.
I put this coat on Malaena because I got it for her for last year. By the time we got her home, it was too warm for this coat. I know it's a tad short, but I sure thought "Our Little Punkin" looked sweet!


Vanessa said...

Oh she looks adorable in it!!

It was great chatting with you today and I will keep you posted as I venture off to Guatemala! I know one day you and my sweet girl will be joining me!!

Kim & Dave said...

Spent a bit of time perusing your blog! Love the dedication pics & commentary!

Leslie said...

Your baby is soooo cute!!! I have 3 bio kids as well who are teens!!!!!

wow you brought your daughter home at 7 months..WOW thats unheard of in 2008!!!! Congrats!

I love her coat in the bottome picture! Dont you love dressing girls?


Lou said...

Adorable! I love the pumpkin hat!!!