Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dedication Day and More....

This is before church. Malaena-Sloan didn't want to cooperate for the picture! She wore her beret after church and was just adorable!

One happy Mama!

Our Family!
Proud Parents!
During the prayer, I let Malaena down cause she was SQUIRMING! She wanted to crawl up the stairs and entertain! She was SO COMFORTABLE in front of the church crowd! She is my daughter!!!!

Look at Malae's smile! Wish her enthusiasm was contagious to the boys!
Walkie! Walkie! We love counting her steps!
This is Malaena-Sloan's latest dance move. It's a very deep squat and she goes up and down over and over! She's adding more arm movement daily. She's mastered "raising the roof" move!

Today was a special day as we dedicated Malaena-Sloan to the Lord. This is her second dedication as we did one down at my family's home church, and today's was at our church in front of our church family and friends! Of course, Darla, Wayland, Tyler, Chantelle, Eric and Nikki were there! Malaena loved being in front of the church.

Chantelle had her adoption awareness meeting this afternoon. The organization is called "Room for One More!" Malaena-Sloan had a ball meeting and greeting. She is my child! To read more about Chantelle's organization, you can go to her blog on the right side of my blog and she has a link! I would post it but I have a little one helping me!

Hope you enjoy all the pictures of OUR LITTLE HAMBONE! She is more fun each and every day! WE are having a ball!


Vanessa said...

Cheri. She's not that tiny little baby I met at the Marriott! She's now a beautiful and active little toddler!! Wow where has the time gone?

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Adorable! I love her smile in the pics.

Courtney said...

Congrats On Dedication day !!!!!!! Love how Mommy and daughter match... so cute. You needed a girl, and you are having fun dressing her. She is the best dressed baby girl. She is precious. Courtney

Ferrick said...

Oh Cheri, she is getting so big, but still looks like little self. I loved all the pics. Susie