Sunday, November 23, 2008


She now is packin' around 2 Pooh Bears!
Just hanging out in the corral!
Malaena has had this Pooh Bear for a while, but now it's one of her faves!
I don't think it gets any cuter than this picture!
Malaena-Sloan loves to play with the carseat she has outgrown. We used to have to put her in it, but now she's able to get in all by herself!
And...Climb OUT too!
Malaena has such an expressive face. I love watching her!
It's not often Malaena-Sloan passes out like this for nap time!
"My Little Turkey!"
Come on Mama...enough already!
Turkey or Hambone?!
If you notice Malaena's hands, she has a sheep in each hand. When we were in Guatemala, I got a nativity scene. I had 2 broken pieces and repaired them, so I decided to leave it out all the time. Malae loves carrying the sheep for some reason!

I can't believe it's Thanksgiving week! Last year at this time, Donnie and I were planning our visit trip to Guatemala. My how a year flies by! Our home is so different with Sassy in it! We have a ball watching her discover and learn new things. This year, we will begin new traditions with Malaena-Sloan. We have always had to share the boys with their other family, so this will be so different. Donnie and I always hated being alone on the holidays, but those days are over.

I usually host Thanksgiving at my house. Yep, that's right...I'm cooking the majority of the food. I have my menu made and grocery list written. This will be a fun week preparing for our family and friends to be with us!


Ferrick said...

Look at that pretty hair on Malae! You are a brave one Cheri to cook Thanksgiving dinner. If it were me, I would be ordering it in. :) Love you friend, Sus

Robyn said...

She is beautiful!! I love the ladybug shirt!!

Vanessa said...

That's one cute turkey!!

Do you want me to get you another nativity scence?? I can have it to you by Christmas!!

Butler's said...

I love watching Malaena grow up in pictures and can not wait to see the Harris Family soon. I can not believe that you are tackling Thanksgiving dinner (but I know it will be awesome) Sorry that I am not there to make a pan of lasagna so you wouldn't have to worry about dinner tonight. Miss you! Bren & Steve
Only 18 days and counting.

nikki said...

What a sweet little turkey!!!
Love her in the first dress!!!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!