Saturday, November 29, 2008

Picture Overview of the Holiday...

Malaena carries around pictures all the time! She just smiles and babbles at the pictures!
This could be a billboard for our restaurant! I swear Malae didn't drink half a glass of tea! This was Brock's and he sat it down. She crawled over and got it like it was her drink!
Logan, Drew and Lauren chowing down!
Owen and his daddy (my little brother, Billy)
Proof that Alex was with us!
This little hand sure is busy! I love Malaena-Sloan's little hands!
Our Hambone with Cousin Owen!
Our Little Elves are SO excited!
Trying to spot Santa ALREADY?!
Lauren wanted to get one good picture of her and Malaena. Well, this could have taken all day! This is the best attempt of about 10 pictures!
Another one.
The last attempt...not so successful!

Shame on me! I was an awful photographer over the Thanksgiving holiday! On the actual day, I was moving non-stop preparing for family and friends to be at our house. As a family, we went to the Salvation Army and helped served lunch. Malaena-Sloan stayed with Wayland and Darla. The rest of us had a GREAT time and I would love it to be a tradition!

We had 21 people at our house for dinner! It was a lot of fun, but you can't host dinner and take lots of pictures. I feel awful because my dad's sister, my aunt Mary Frances, came from Rogers, Arkansas, and my 93-year-old Grandma was there. I didn't take ONE picture! Shame of me! We all had a great time. I didn't have to cook EVERYTHING thanks to Mom and Darla! We ate like pigs!

Christy and Billy had our family down to their home today! Christy put on quite the spread and I didn't even get a picture of her! I must make a mental note to improve on the Christmas holiday!

I hope everyone had an awesome time with their families! For tomorrow, we shall get back to cutting back on food until the NEXT holiday!!!!


Vanessa said...

Girly you better hang that camera from your neck for Christmas to make sure you don't forget!!! LOL!!

Lori said...

You know, sometimes we want to capture each moment and we forget that we should just be living in each moment. And that is what you did this Thanksgiving. Don't apologize for it. I'm glad to see you savoring each moment with your family!

The gFamily said...

What a smart baby! McAlister's tea is the best!!!

Butler's said...

Drew reminds me of Brock at that age. Steve and I can not wait to have a glass of McAlister's tea. See you soon. Bren