Friday, November 14, 2008

207 Days....

Can you tell Malaena isn't quite happy?! She's wanting to climb the 20 stairs behind her. I tried to get an action shot but she's too fast!
Can you believe this is a sick Malae?! She was up from 1am-5am. Her nose is like a faucet and has a barky cough. It doesn't phase her as she still goes FULL FORCE!
You are probably wondering what 207 days means to me. Well, that's the exact number of days Malaena-Sloan was in Guatemala without her family. TODAY marks her being with her whole hee-haw gang for 207 days. We still read about people that their babies aren't home yet, so again I thank God for not only the blessing of our baby girl but the blessing she's been with her family for 207 days.


Vanessa said...

Isn't it an amazing feeling when you have them home for as long as they lived away from you?? I know when I realized that about Arianna I was so emotional!!
I hope she feels better soon!
Oh and I have 18 more days until I leave for Guatemala!! Praying the trip is a complete success!! It looks like we're going to distribute toys and treats to 400-500 children!! YEAH!! That's praise worthy in itself!

Courtney said...

so happy Malae is home. So precious. Sorry she is sick. I love your scarf! you have such good taste and I want to kiss little Malae all over she is so stinkin cute. courtney