Monday, November 10, 2008

Adjusting to the Cold Weather.....

Logan and Daddy are playing with Tally and me!
I am so over Tally Dog!!!!
When Mama says NO, I think she really means YES! Party time at bedtime!
Just crawling and walking around the house!
I am sporting tights for the first time. You wouldn't believe the sweet comments that were made about my cute legs!
Posing for Mama!
Malae showing Grammy the polka dots on her dress!
Whooo! My tummy is FULL!

The top pictures were last week when the temperature was in the high 70's. This morning it was in the high 20's. Malaena-Sloan sported tights for the first time. She was a show-stopper! Whereever she goes, she has HI and puts on her pageant grin. It's hilarious, and I get accused of coaching her for pageants but NOT ME! Her center two teeth broke the gum last Monday but her teeth are SLOW going coming in!

We are all doing GREAT! We got awesome news this morning. My friend, Amy, that travelled to Guatemala with me 2 times got her birth certificate for her daughter today! Isabel will be home by THANKSGIVING if the rest falls into place. Thank God this little miracle is coming HOME!


Butler's said...

Malaena looks great in here tights! Nothing like Missouri weather...we had our AC on today and still wearing shorts. We leave Tucson for Missouri in 32 days and then I can enjoy cold weather and maybe even snow for Christmas. Love Bren & Steve

The gFamily said...

Cute tights, cute legs, cute baby! :)

Vanessa said...

We'res till sporting our shorts and an occassional pair of jeans!! Looks like i need to go further north for some cooler weather!
Her tights are ADORABLE!!

Ferrick said...

Malae, you save those sweet chunky legs for your A Susie...I want to munch on them! :) Cold hear too friend, lets chat today. Luv you so, Susie

Stacy said...

She looks so cute I could just eat her up! : )

Daphne said...

Her legs - and shows - are so adorable! What a beauty!

Lori said...

Those are some sweet little legs!