Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Daughter's Birthday Week....

Yeah! Me! It's my birthday WEEK!
I have so much to clap about!
If you can't clap for yourself, who can you clap for?!
Malae enjoying our newly remodeled deck with NO stuff on it.
Malaena-Sloan and Mama!

I truly thought after Friday night, we were about to progress to having a decent night's sleep. I didn't even brag about it, and last night proved the thought WRONG!!! Malaena-Sloan truly didn't sleep ten minutes without fussing. I felt so badly for her cause she was in pain. I don't know if it were her stomach or her teeth cutting or both. WOW! Rough night. She did nap about an hour this morning and a whopping 15 minutes this afternoon.

Our big news is one of the 8 teeth she is trying to cut has broken the gum. I am hoping it is the tooth next to her top middle teeth. If not, Malaena-Sloan is going to have quite a gap between her top middle teeth. Brock, the one that has had anatomy, has examined her and feels it's not a middle tooth.

Malaena-Sloan is quite an entertainer. Her latest stunt is being an escape artist. We have a corral made into our great room. Malae does all she can to BREAK FREE! She has found ways out that most babies couldn't get through. It is very funny when you are trying to watch TV or work on the computer and look away 3.5 seconds, then hear a pitter-patter when she hits the hardwood floor. She looks back and grins from ear-to-ear and without a word she is totally saying, "HEE! HEE! You just thought you could confine me."

This time last year, we knew we were very close to recieving our I171H which is the form stating the U.S. approves you to adopt. I was calling the JCICS office everyday. I actually found out we were approved on 9/26/07 which was the day Malaena-Sloan was born.

A couple of funny thoughts from this past week. We turned Malaena-Sloan's carseat around on Thursday. She can actually see out the window, and now feels the need to wave at all cars passing. She really thinks she's a BIG GIRL now! Also, we tried switching her to whole milk. Donnie brought a gallon home and we took her in to the kitchen and made such a big deal out of her first BIG GIRL's bottle of milk. SHE HATED IT! We all pretended to drink it to get her to try it. She began getting hungry, and cried and cried but dare not drink it. She shook her head NO and waved her arm back and forth. I took her to the kitchen to make a formula bottle and she was proud as a peacock. We decided to do half and half to make the transformation. Her formula STINKS, but she LOVES it. We see the doctor next Monday, so I will get his opinion then, but for now we will leave it as is.

Malaena-Sloan's party is next Sunday at our house. I sent invitations out on the internet. If you didn't receive yours, the more the better, so you can email me with questions.



Try mixing a little milk in with the formula and then over time increase the percentage of milk so that she get used to the taste -- it may go over better :)

I can't believe she will be 1! she really is growing up so fast. Have a great birthday week!

Lou said...

She is SO cute!!! Sounds like she is full of adventures. Aren't they fun to watch?

Candy said...

Happy BDAY WEEK...we pretty much celebrate for a WEEK around here too. Jagger is doing the same thing SLEEP WISE and I think its his teeth and tummy....She is such a DOLL...HUGS

Lori said...

Just when I think she can get any prettier, you post pics like those and prove me wrong! She has the sweetest little face! Happy Birthday Week...don't wear your Mom out too much!

Jack said...

Happy Birthday Week....she is so adorable! Getting so big, what a cutie! Jack hated his milk too when we first transition, it takes a little time but she will transition to it in no time! Enjoy the party and looking forward to seeing more pictures!
Have a great week!

Robyn said...

Beautiful pics!!


Courtney said...

LOVE her outfit !!!!!!! Where did you find that ? You always have her dressed so cute. Love it. Happy Birthday. Stella still hates milk to this day. I am not worried (Neither is the Doctor). I tried choc. milk, strawberry milk, soy very vanilla milk and nothing. Hates it all. I just give her lots of cheese, yogurt, pudding etc. I also crush up calcium pills and add to her food. I think you can get a liquid one. She loves the yogurt drinks, like yo baby or yoplait. Try that. Don't sweat the milk. She can get it other ways. Courtney

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Happy Birthday! I love her dress.

My Guatemalan angel is turning 7 on Sept. 26! He is the best baby (well BIG boy), so the day must be great luck!

Stacy said...

Happy bday beautiful Malaena-Sloan!

Cheri, I think of you often because Bella only sleeps one hour during the whole day- if I'm lucky!
Thank God for cover up under my eyes!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!!!! What a special day this is for you and your family! A blessing and a huge reminder of the gifts from above we have been given!!!