Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy First Birthday Malaena-Sloan!!!!

These pictures are just some snapshots I took. Wait until I can post some from the photo shoot Malaena-Sloan had today. We went to Bella Bambino, and our daughter was a ham (who'd of thought?!) She was so much fun and such a busy body. It took about 2 hours. When Donnie and I were pulling away with Malae in the backseat, he said he felt like he had worked out. I can't wait to share them because they will be amazing.

The big party is coming up Sunday. I am making Malaena-Sloan's first year of blogging into a book, and Sunday will mark the last page of our book. I've been working diligently as I want to add lots more pictures than I actually post on the blog. I hope when Malaena-Sloan is older and reads my thoughts during our adoption process, she can sense all the emotions that the adoption process really takes on the family. It truly was a scary year with all the changes in the Guatemalan process. We actually were approved for on our I171H a year ago today. If memory serves me right, on 9/24/07 was when the JCICS issued a warning that they wouldn't encourage anymore adoptions being started. I know Malaena-Sloan was born in Guatemala to be our daughter....God was in charge the whole entire time (even at 4am when it didn't feel like He was.) I learned many lessons this past year, and the biggest being is you can always count on God's word. God is so good and every time I watch Brock play his drums and get teary eyed, or hear Malaena-Sloan say a new word and get choked up, it gives me an idea of HOW MUCH God truly loves me....his child. WOW!


Stacy said...

OMGoodness! Look at Malaena! She looks so adorable in her birthday tutu and party hat.
Birthday blessings to one happy baby girl!
Can't wait to see your pics from the photo shoot too!

Stacy said...
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Courtney said...

Seriously..............She is amazing. How stinkin cute is that outfit !!!!!!!!!! Love it. happy birthday baby girl. enjoy your party. Can't wait to see more pictures. courtney

Ferrick said...

And it was on this journey, because of these girls, that we met and became friends. :) I so love God in all his perfection and glory. Love you all and Happy Birthday sweet girl, we miss you. A. Susie
p.s. Love the outfit and hat!


That outfit is TOO cute! Happy 1st Birthday Malaena!