Sunday, August 24, 2008

Celebrating Brock's 18th Birthday....

Malae had a little of the red icing which also looked like her first lipstick!
The paintball crew!
A little HOT Malaena-Sloan at the paintball portion of the party! It was a HOT and HUMID Missouri Day!!!
Brock with Grandma and Grandpa Evans
My bouncing baby boy!!!
Our First "whole" Family Picture!
The Boys! (My newphew, Drew, is the 4th boy)

I surely feel better this morning than I did 18 years ago. Actually, by this time Brock was born and I was high on life! He was born at 3:16am. Saturday started with a paintball trip to nearly Festus, MO. We loaded the gang on one of our preschool vans...worked great! I think there were 11 paintballers. Brock got home right at 6pm with Drew, Logan and Tyler all splattered with paint. They had a GREAT time!

Last night, we had an awesome time with Brock's dad's family all attending, Donnie's sister and her family, Penny and Macyn, Darla, Wayland and Tyler! Darla came over and helped me cook, and I think supper was a success. NO one complained about my cooking and NO calls that anyone got sick! Yeah ME!

It was Malaena-Sloan's first birthday party, and she loved the action. She had a really cute dress on which hinders her crawling SO she now crawls on her hands and feet when in a dress. I hope to capture a picture cause it's hilarious!


Chantelle Becking said...

Sounds like a great party! Hope you had a ball and happy b-day Brock!

Butler's said...

I can not belive Brock is 18 nor that Mollie attended her first day of college on Monday. I look back over the years and thank God for great children! Miss you! Bren

Alleen said...

I found your blog from your comment on Kerri's... You have a beautiful family!

Alleen (mommy to Gabriella, 2 1/2 years old from Guatemala)

Gabriela Marie and Family said...

Malaena-Sloan is SOOOO cute!! We don't get to see her enough! The pics on your blog are just precious and what a Wonderful family photo! I don't have a timeline for Ella yet, hope to Bring that sweetie home soon!

Gabriela Marie and Family said...
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Jack said...

Your family is beautiful! You dress Malena-Sloan so adorable! I have been following your story since we both used Palmetto Hope. I just started blogging this month, check out my baby boy!
God Bless,

Stacy said...

I love seeing new pics of beautiful little Malaena-Sloan! Shs looks like pure JOY!


Lou said...

Very cute, especially the red icing mouth! Happy birthday to Brock too!