Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Week in Review...

You should've known I would so be the lead singer for my brothers' band! My brothers and I LOVE ROCKBAND! We practice a lot!
Brock practicing his drumming skills!
Logan in his ROCKSTAR mode!
Malaena-Sloan is just helping Logan with his part! She is SO intense. I can remember when Logan would watch Brock and Alex just like she is doing!
Malae is just one of the guys!
This is my time with Nanny Annie, and we always feel it's such an accomplishment when I sleep past 20 minutes!
How sweet am I? You wouldn't believe the things I can do when I put on my charm!
One happy girl!
Grammy says that when I smile like this, I act just like my Mama did when she was little!
This is my day to hang out with Nanny Annie.
When Mama puts dresses on me, I have to alter my fast crawl to an ape-ish crawl.
I should just stand up and walk but I love to crawl!
No knees involved!
This was Friday night before going to Outback for dinner.
OH! Yes, I can hold my bottle when I have to, but I'd much rather Mama or Daddy hold it!

I mean to post 2 times a week, but it is simply amazing how quickly a week flies by. This was an awesome week for our family. Brock had his birthday Sunday, and Donnie had his birthday Tuesday. Malaena-Sloan hit her 11-months-old mark...WOW! She is truly growing and maturing at lightening speed. It's amazing that I have one biological child and one adoptive child that can be so much alike. When Brock was a baby, he didn't sleep through the night until he was 3. Malaena-Sloan shares his sleep patterns...ugh! I did something I NEVER dreamed I would do Friday night. She sleeps best in her carseat in the car, so at 10:30pm after I was SO tired, I went out to the car, and brought the carseat in our bedroom. (Donnie was cracking up.) I strapped her in the carseat and after minutes she was OUT! She slept until 2am, then got in the bed with us and slept 'til 7. This is better than most nights.

Malaena-Sloan's gross motor skills are right on track. I'm afraid she'll be walking by the end of the week (or in M-S's case, she'll be running.) We got her a push/pull toy and she takes many steps by just hanging on with one hand. (She just got the toy last night!) Her language skills are amazing. She is babbling up a storm (Yay! She's going to be a verbal child!) She says HI, HELLO, COW, MAMA, DADA, BABA, sometimes BOTTLE, BYE BYE and her famous UH-OH! UH-OH is so funny cause she makes her mouth really big before it comes out. Brock has her say UH-OH over and over and over!

Donnie and I were setting on the couch this week together just watching Malaena-Sloan and talking about her. He asked me what we did before she came along. It's just awesome watching her grow. Our life is so much fuller and blessed because of this precious child. Everyday I watch her, I can just see God's love for us, His children.

I thank God each day that she is home with us, and I pray for the children still in process in Guatemala and those that are waiting on homes. I pray for the 32 children that were in the hogar with Malaena-Sloan that didn't have homes, and I pray the adoption process in Guatemala opens back up soon for all the children in need.


Lou said...

She's doing fantastic Cheri! She sounds very smart and on target! I bet she WILL be walking any minute now.

Ashley said...

I just LOVE her name - and it is a possibility if I ever have another daughter!

She is just SO tiny and cute :)

Chantelle Becking said...

Love the new pics of hot stuff! I miss seeing that little shorty! We will have to get the girls back together ASAP!!!
She is starting to look like a little girl, and less like a baby!!!! Man, it goes tooo fast!
Chant & Bianca

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

It's funny you mention the carseat...Luca sleeps through the night in his bed, but naps---forget it. I got 40 minutes the other day out of him. I suggested to Nico we bring in the carseat and put it on the dryer because he can sleep for over an hour in the car seat when we are traveling!

She is adorable. We are so blessed!

Stacy said...

What a good idea to get her car seat to get some sleep. I'm gonna try that with Isabella!

Such cute pictures of your princess and her boy band!


Jack said...

Wow Malanea-Sloan is getting so big! She is such a cutie pie and I love the way you dress her! Time sure flies by, we are so blessed to have our babies home!