Monday, July 21, 2008

Malaena-Sloan in Our Arms Three Months!!!

Malaena-Sloan giving her dad some love.
Malaena-Sloan sitting in my high chair and the high chair Brock used.
Carrying out the Fortner Family Tradition! We have all been raised on sweet corn, and in our area everyone knows we have the best sweet corn around! I put some up in the freezer Saturday morning. I started helping Malaena eat it but Miss Independence was on her own quickly!

An action shot!
We all had to have our turn with the girl in the pool!
I love Malae's feet! These little feet were just chillin' in the pool!
Malaena is Brock's girl! When he is around, I am second rate. She wants him to hold her and when he gives her back to me, she cries. He doesn't admit it, but LOVES his sissy!
Our tired little pumpkin!

I can't believe it's been three months today on a Monday morning around 9:30am that Malaena-Sloan was put in my arms forever. I have been separated from her maybe a total of 5 hours. It's just been an amazing time. Malaena-Sloan woke up early and is already napping in her jumparoo. I need to run while I have some free moments!


Brenda & Steve Butler said...

What a wonderful three months! Love & Miss all of you!

Courtney said...

Happy 3 months home. Sweet pictures. Courtney

Robyn said...

Beautiful pics!! Happy 3 Month Anniversary!!


The Borsa's said...

Isn't she cute!! Getting big so fast aren't they? Good to hear from you..


Ferrick said...

3 months since I have seen you all! Sad. We had such a great week together. Malae, A. Susie misses you and your wonderful sweet little ears. You are such a beautiful girl, like your Mommy. Hugs, Susie

Leah Reeves said...


Thanks for visiting our blog. Your daughter is adorable. Our daughter will have been with us for 3 months Augest 5th. Three months goes fast.

Jaime Salas said...

What kind of camera did you end up with!? We bought the Nikon D80, love it!