Thursday, July 24, 2008

Late Breaking News.....

I approach the task at hand with enthusiasm!!!!
I'm almost there!!
My latest accomplishment and I did this all by myself! My parents are quite impressed with me!!!
Still love looking at my family!
Aunt Sissy brought me a new rocking Pooh Bear and I love it!
Have you heard?! I am gaining more freedom each day and lovin' my independence. Though, I'd still prefer to sleep with Mama and Daddy!


Ferrick said...

Oh and Bella are right in Sync! Way to go sweet girl, you are so your Mama's daughter. Looking forward to a fall family reunion. :) Love you all, Susie and fam

Brenda & Steve Butler said...

She is a mover and shaker (just like her Mama). Hope she is feeling better than when we last talked.

Stacy said...

Look at her go! I can't believe how strong and smart our little babies are getting. I love every picture of Malaena. Something about her reminds me of Isabella.

Off topic...
What's your 'Falling in Love' blog about? Sounds interesting!