Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Few New Pictures....

Tally was helping Donnie read the paper!
Our cute puppy, Tally Dog, loves us being home more as he enjoys the cool air inside!
Cousin Lauren Grace is four and loves helping with Malaena-Sloan!
Cousin Drew reading to Malaena-Sloan! She LOVES her books!
Yes, Mama, you caught me! I know you've been trying to keep me from this step, but I know I can do it!
This child was determined to get up this step, and she did!


Ferrick said...

Best Ears EVER!!!! Luv ya girl, Susie

Courtney said...

Love the new pictures. So cute. Courtney

Chantelle Becking said...

Adorable of course! We love this child!


Cute as usual :)
Watch out -- she's on the move and definitely has that look in her eye.

I love to read you updates and your pictures, just show the happiness in your home.