Saturday, July 26, 2008

Malaena-Sloan Goes to Her First Concert!!!

Malaena-Sloan went with Donnie, my cousin Angie and her husband Pat, and me to see the groups Styx and Boston! She was AWESOME! She LOVED the music and jumped and jumped and jumped and moved her hands and feet. Then, Malae passed out....I'm talking ASLEEP! Just so you all know we did protect her hearing as you will see below, she had ear plugs held in my her headband! It worked great and we all enjoyed ourselves! Our daughter is a MUSIC LOVER!

Angie, Malaena-Sloan and me!
One of the things on Donnie's bucket list was seeing Boston, and it was more special sharing it with his daughter!
Malae loves my cousin who Malae will call "Aunt Angie!" "Aunt Angie" loves her some Malae!
Our angel wore herself OUT dancing and clapping at the concert, and decided to take herself a little siesta!!!

Malaena-Sloan had her first experience at Jackson's Homecomers Celebration! She had a good time and looked OH SO


Stacy said...

Look at your little cowgirl... scrumptious!!!

Butler's said...

Taking the girl to a cool! Love the pink hat.

Leslie said...

OMG she is soooo cute!!!! Wow im jealous i want to go to a concert! LOL

We brought our daughter home when she was 6months and 3 days old...She is now 2 ..where does time go?

Ferrick said...

Cheri, I LOVE your hair...I really do! And the pink cow girl out fit, adorable. Malae is getting to big to fast....were we not just in Guat? Where is the time going? luv and miss you as always, Sus

Kelly said...

She is such a cutie!!!!!!!!!

Courtney said...

Love her outfits !!!!!! You always dress her so cute. Love the new pictures. Courtney