Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Things are GREAT!!!

A picnic was organized for families that adopted children from Guatemala! Pictured are two thankful Mamas and their spoiled daughters!ha! (Chantelle and Bianca with us.)

That's right! I went around the barrier you tried to block me in with! Our great room looks odd as we have obstacles set up to keep Malae in!
Sweetie Pie that is tired of a camera in her face!
Love this look Malaena-Sloan does!
Our jumping bandit! It's HARD to get an action shot of her as she's quick! People stop and tell us they have never seen a baby jump like she does. Now, her crawling is full-speed-ahead!
My two babies!!!

I got the bestest gift ever! I had a great camera but got the upgrade and am excited. It's non-stop photo session today, and Malaena-Sloan is over it! We are sitting in our great room. Brock and Donnie are reading the paper, and I'm watching Malae jump in her jumparoo! Man, I feel so blessed. Oh, can't forget Tally Dog as he is now a "lap" dog. He never sat on our lap, but now that Malae is home, he's all about us. She wants to love on Tally, but he turns his head. It's funny.


Lou said...

Baby girl is growing so fast! She's adorable! Thanks for sharing all the pics!

Brenda & Steve Butler said...

Everyone looks happy and healthy. We love the pics it makes us feel like we am there. We miss all of you! Bren & Steve

Kiley said...

Cheri, oh my goodness Malaena-Sloan is just the cutest thing, that camera loves her! I love the pic of her and sweet. It's good to see you all are doing well.

Chantelle Becking said...

Look at those proud mommas! Wow, I made the blog again! Wahoo! What a great life! Malae's pics looks like she is really getting more hair! It looks longer even. She is changing so fast!
We love you guys and are so glad to hav eyou in our lives. Thanks also for letting me and B hog your pool!

Ferrick said...

Wish these pictures would have been with us this weekend Sis. Glad you had a good week. Look at all of Malae's hair! Luv and miss u, Sus