Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lovin' US Some Malaena-Sloan....

I'm just takin' a little exercise in my jumparoo!
Is it wrong for me to sleep in my jumparoo?! Mom and I don't think so, cause even when sleeping ever now and then I'll give it about 3 jumps. I love me some JUMPAROO!!!
WOW!!! I've never seen such a cute dog as Tally. He likes to lick my toes!
My Biggest Brother, Brock, and ME! Brock loves to love me and play with me!

What an awesome place in life! I'm pinching myself in disbelief that Malaena-Sloan is home and already in the swing of things! I was very homesick the two weeks in Guatemala, but, WOW, it was so worth it! Malaena-Sloan is so used to Donnie and me it is amazing. She is making great strides verbally and gross motor wise! Donnie's sister was holding her this evening and Donnie was beside her. She reached toward Donnie and said, "Da Da." He didn't say anything cause he didn't believe his ears. Sissy and Logan witnessed it and just went on and on!

Our daughter is a HIT! I took her to McAlister's today and she performs on cue. I forgot how much attention you get having a beautiful baby! People that don't even know me stopped me to tell me how gorgeous she is, and of course, she flashes that cute grin! She's a hambone, for sure!

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Ferrick said...

It's the ears! Im telling you, her beauty is her ears! :) luv the photos, and luv your joy! Hugs, Susie