Sunday, May 4, 2008

Harris's Are Home Sweet Home

I don't think a HAPPIER MAMA exists! Our daughter is going home! Praise God for this amazing blessing!
Leaving Guatemala! We are one happy bunch! My dad's lap is the best to sleep on as I slept all the way to Houston!
11pm on Saturday, May 3rd...Just walked through the doors and woke our princess up to meet her brothers! She is always ready to perform!
Our four children! Left to Right: Brock-17 years, Logan-13 years, Alex-15 years. Front and Center, Malaena-Sloan-7 months and 1 week!
My first bath at my house!
Lauren Grace and Malaena-Sloan!
Grammy and Malaena-Sloan!
PaPa and Malaena-Sloan!

What can I say?!!! I'm in HOG HEAVEN! Our baby girl traveled AWESOME yesterday. She stayed awake on both plane rides just long enough to show off her tricks! When we landed in St. Louis, we had a wonderful surprise! Chantelle, Eric and Bianca were there with pink balloons and a huge one saying, "It's A Girl!" I went into the bad-ugly-face-cry! I will post pictures when I get them! It was an amazing time to introduce our daughter!

We thought the "GOOD BABY" would have to be over when we put her into her carseat, but God is GOOD and she slept the entire way home. I woke her up at 11pm to meet her brothers which was just precious. We got her ready for bed and she was out by midnight. We rousted about this morning about 8am, gave her a bath, and she took a 2 hour nap! Mom, Dad and Lauren Grace got here around noon and Malaena-Sloan was ready to rumble! She has a new trick....she belly laughs. We got a taste of it yesterday, but today she did it for Grammy about 15 minutes. It was precious and Mom ate it up!

It's been an amazing day! Nikki stopped by to meet our girl. Now, I'm the one ready to eat. So far, the transition is amazing!


Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

I am so excited for all of you!!!! She is just so AMAZING!!!! Have a blast having her home!!!

Vanessa said...

I am so glad to know you guys made it home safe and sound!! Your family is beautiful and I just know she's going to be showing her brothers whose boss in no time~~
IWe have two and a half days until we're flying out!! Where did the time go??

Suzanne and Jayme said...

Congratulations, the whole family is together. It sounds like things went real well in Guatemala. I wish your entire family a lifetime of health and happiness

Ferrick said...

Oh friend, God is good, all the time! So good to see you home, but I miss you. Your Mom is BEAUTIFUL! love you much, Susie

Kelly said...

Oh I am tearing up , i am so glad she is home and with her family for forever!She is stunning! What a doll baby and you both ( you and hubby)are just glowing !

Dena said...

is that not THE best plane ride ever!