Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Glorious WEEK in the Lord.....

Daddy and Malaena-Sloan
This is the ONLY picture of Owen and Malaena-Sloan together on their day of dedication! Grandma Fortner and Aunt Mary Frances loved holding the babies! Aunt Mary Frances got Malae her dedication dress and it was perfect!
Four Generations: Me, Dad, Grandma Fortner, Brock and Malaena-Sloan
What would be four generations if I weren't taking the picture! Mom, Grandpa Miller and Malaena-Sloan

Today was the first day I have fixed my hair in three weeks! It was a "special" occasion as Malaena-Sloan and Owen were dedicated to the Lord! I was so blessed to share this day of celebration with many family members and so happy that my mom and my 92-year-old Grandma could be there! It was a happy day and a wonderful Mother's Day!

I have caught a lot of flack for not posting as often. Some are speculating that I have been overwhelmed! The truth is after packing around 17 pounds day-in, day-out that right arm hurts worse. I've been resting it by laying off the computer! If you could see our home, you'd argue the fact that it could be an overwhelmed status! All is great....I even got all the laundry folded at one point! (That was short-lived!) Speaking of which, I must run to check the laundry!


Ferrick said...

And you told me your not a "head band girl"! I love that head band!!!! I know you head a special day commemorating Malaena to the Lord, but I know she was already of the Lord. Lots of love, Susie

The M. Herndon Family said...

I've been getting some good-natured "flack" from family and friends also for not posting as often as I did when we were in Guatemala! Malaena looks beautiful!

Penny said...

Has it only been three days since I saw her?! Sure seems longer! I miss those cheeks! She looked just beautiful and so did Mommy and Daddy! Cant wait to see her again! Luv you all! Give her a smooch for me!

Marlene said...

Sounds like all is how it should be! I am so happy for you all.