Tuesday, May 20, 2008


It's Mama's Birthday! Can we eat dessert BEFORE our meal!?! The food at Patty's on the Pier at Kentucky Lake, was amazing as usual!
The bestest birthday present ever....MY DAUGHTER IN MY ARMS!
Yep! They are doing it to me again! They are eating the good food and they let me eat lemon! They laugh when I do it...HHHHMMMM!?!
Whew! Mama, Daddy and Grammy think it's funny to watch my faces when I eat new things....like LEMONS! I make faces but I keep wanting more licks!
Yeah! I love being invited to Mama's Birthday Party and getting all the attention!

Why should one dread turning 40? I sure don't feel OVER-THE-HILL! I remember when my parents turned 40, and I thought it was OLD. Amazing how my mentality toward turning 40 has totally changed! When Brock's dad passed away (who would have turned 40 on the 15th), I really learned a HUGE lesson in life! Birthdays are truly a celebration of our life here on earth, and there are NO guarantees there will be another! Because of Steve's death, I will never dread birthdays or be "down" about the number! I know he is in heaven today, but he didn't get the choice of watching our son grown up or even turning 40. So, on May 19th, 2008, I wasn't sad like I was 10 years ago when I turned 30! I LOVED MY SPECIAL DAY!

Donnie has really suprised me in the past with great trips, as on my 37th, we went to Cozumel and Demetra (my best friend since age 6) walked into the resort. I was SO SHOCKED! As neat as that was, this birthday had a sweetness like none other....I celebrated with my daughter! Donnie arranged for my mom to go with the three of us to Patty's on the Pier at Kentucky Lake! The weather was GORGEOUS, MALAENA-SLOAN SLEPT ALL NIGHT (I woke her at 8am), MY MOM WAS FEELING GREAT, AND DONNIE TREATED THE THREE GIRLS WITH HIM LIKE PRINCESSES! (Those that know me know I am all about the "PRINCESS FACTOR!")



Stacy said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! You and your little princess look beautiful together!

Lots of love,

Ferrick said...

Thanking God for my Princess Friend! Luv you, Susie

Vanessa said...

LORDY, LORDY CHERI IS 40!! Who would have ever imagined you were turning 40..NOT ME!! I'm so glad you had a great birthday and for your big 50 you have to promise to come down to New Orleans and party cajun style!!

Lori said...

Happt Birthday Cheri! You look radiant!

****Big Birthday Hugs*****
Lori Peterson

PS Next time you and the Princess come to STL let me know! I'd love to meet her!

One Busy Momma said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

So glad you were able to spend it with your little princess!!!


Lou said...

Happy Birthday Cheri!!! I love Malaena Sloan's flower, adorable!!!