Friday, May 2, 2008


We are NOT proud parents. Can you tell?! We fall more in love with our beautiful daughter each minute!
First thing this Friday morning! Malaena-Sloan, Mama and Daddy went with Pedro to the hogar where Malaena-Sloan has lived since December 19. It was a very CLEAN, TIDY place with much order and extremely friendly people! I feel that God answered my prayers for the last 4 months in letting Malaena-Sloan feel loved each and every day!

My Daddy is showing my VISA off! What a happy moment to officially be able to go home!

I'm a happy girl....I'm headed home TOMORROW! I have 3 brothers and Tally dog waiting to meet me! I'm so excited!

What an awesome way to complete our trip! Pedro picked the three of us up at 9am and we headed to the hogar. Donnie and I both felt a sense of peace in knowing Malaena-Sloan received wonderful care while there. My heart was heavy as there were 36 children there and only four of the precious babies had homes. The certainty of the other 32 kiddos is unsure depending on what the government does with adoptions! I literally could have taken all 32 babies! There was one little girl in particular that touched our hearts cause she looked SO MUCH like Malaena-Sloan. Donnie and I both said we would have taken her home in a heartbeat!

When we returned, Susie, Dave and Bella were walking into the Marriott. Bella, Susie and I went to McDonald's and picked up Diet Cokes! We headed to be poolside. The daddies went to pick up the VISAS then all 6 of us spent the day together! We have a very blessed time! It was the perfect last-full-day in Guatemala City!

I need to finish packing! We leave at 12:15 tomorrow and get to St. Louis around 9pm tomorrow evening! Please keep us in your prayers for safe travels and that Malaena-Sloan is at peace on the airplane and in the carseat going home from the airport! Her first time to be buckled into a carseat!


Nicole and Mark said...

Hi Cheri!
My name is Nicole and we adopted Ana this year with PH also. I have been following your blog, it's amazing. I guess I love seeing what you post b/c I remember a lot of the same emotions you had when we finally got our little sweetie. I wish we would have had the time to do the things you did on your pick up trip. We were only in Guatemalal for about 5 days. Wait until you get home, it just gets better and better! Malena is so beautiful and she looks like such a happy baby! She is a very lucky girl. Good luck with this new chapter in your life!
(Here is our blog of Ana if you would like to see it!)

Amy said...

Congrats on bringing your beautiful daughter home. Can't wait to see your first "home" post!