Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ain't Nothin' Like a Good Night's REST!!!!

I'm afraid this could be a rare sight....Alex holding Lil Sis!
Our youngest son, Logan, with his baby sister!
This is my bestest friend's (Penny) daughter, Macy, with Malaena-Sloan! Macyn loves her baby cousin!

This has been an awesome week, and I'm happy to report that last night was Malaena-Sloan's first full-night's sleep! YIPPEE!!! I must admit that I got up around 2am and 4am (when she used to get up) to make sure she was fine. We decided Monday night that we were going to have to let her start crying herself to sleep. She fights her sleep horribly and gets SO tired we can't console her. SO, we laid her in her crib next to our bed and she cried for 27 minutes. Needless to report, Donnie asked me to leave the room! Tuesday night, only 17 minutes of crying, and last night about 10 minutes! I'm praying tonight will be the night of no tears. It truly breaks my heart, but I am so tired now at the end of our days, that I pass out even before she's done crying! She is such a pleasant baby, and I LOVE the fact that she is moving non-stop. She dances and jumps all day long, and even in her sleep, she taps her foot.

Her babbling has hit overdrive. I love to hear her little voice, and it's interesting hearing the vowels sounds get combined with consonants. When she was crying last night, she was saying ma ma ma ma. SO, I know soon she should be saying it! She's in the JUMPAROO now just a talking! Another one of my favorite things is her belly laugh. Her smile can just light up the room, and when combined with her laugh, it melts me!

Daddy went to the Cardinal game today and sat in the rain only to watch them LOSE! Malaena-Sloan got a new Cardinal outfit out of the deal. Malaena-Sloan and I ventured down to Grammy and PaPa's house. We had a wonderful day and she did awesome as it's 1 hour each way. I was so proud of her, and grateful as I'm teaching her to be a "GO GIRL" just like her Mama!


Penny said...

Oh my goodness!! What a beautiful sight!! My little pretty princess with your littler pretty princess! I love it and Macy will too!! She's told everyone she sees about her new baby cousin! I cant wait to see her again! I miss her! Miss you too! Luv yall! Pen

Stacy said...

She's SO cute! Isn't it so fun to be home with her?! We're having a blast, too!


Ferrick said...

Ooh sweet baby girl...we miss you Malae! Look at all that hair coming in, believing you will have the same head of hair as your beautiful Mama. It's all about being a girl. love you friend, Sus

Dena said...

there is just nothing like a smockalicious baby girl!