Tuesday, April 29, 2008


"All by MYSELF!"
Malaena-Sloan will sit awhile then decide to head down to suck on her feet! I wish I were this flexible!

Today, we ventured out with Dave, Susie and Bella (our friends from Michigan). We went to the market across from the Marriott. The highlight (other than the visiting) was a Diet Coke from McDonald's. We ate lunch together poolside at the Marriott. Malaena-Sloan is a lot like my DAD! She's got a tummy about like PaPa's and is SERIOUS about her eating just like him! For a little squirt, she can put the formula and baby food away! I keep having all these flashbacks of Brock-ster!

Malaena-Sloan and I took a nap together (my first nap since I have been with her!) Daddy tried to get some shut-eye but no luck. We ventured out again this evening to the grocery store and pharmacy to buy formula. We got baths tonight and clothes prepared as it will be an early morning. We have to be at the U.S. Embassy at 7:15am, so we are leaving at 6:30 with Pedro. From what I am told, the employees don't even get to work until 9, but I guess they want the babies to all be fussy for their big day. We aren't allowed to take pictures there which is a bummer, but I'll try to get a few photos of our girl all dressed up. Her "planned" dress was TOO big, so we are going with a different look! She's cute in whatever....the GIRL makes the dress!

I miss everyone terribly. It seems like I had one LONG day when Amy was here, and one LONG day since Donnie has arrived! The nights are different with Malaena-Sloan. She is just like Brock wanting to eat every 2-2 1/2 hours. I really think she's having a growth spurt plus she moves all the time she is awake. CONSTANT MOTION IS WHAT WE ARE EXPERIENCING AND LOVIN' IT!!! Thanks to my cousin, Martha Matlock, for printing pictures to give to my parents and Grandma! Very special to me!

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