Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's Official!!!! Our Adoption is Finalized! Our U.S.Embassy Day....


Hey Folks!!! I know it's 6am, but let's go make this gig permanent! I'm lovin' this deal!!!!

Happy Mama and Daughter!

Happy Daddy and Daughter!

We had been told about embassy day but still were shocked! We decided we watch too much TV as we at least thought the Star Spangled Banner would be played. Let me think of what I can tell you about the experience as so many emotions were flooding through me. Pedro picked us along with two other families up at the front of the Marriott at 6:30am. Malaena-Sloan is an awesome child. She was full of smiles and she thought she was hot stuff in her new little dress. It's precious seeing her face in the mirror. Anyway, back to embassy details....We road in Pedro's van to a place where Malaena-Sloan got her VISA picture taken. We walked down a street to the embassy. The area of Guatemala City looked very run down, and there were locals everywhere waiting in a separate line to get into the embassy. We went through security (by the way, no cameras allowed!) We went into this small room and waited. There were 30 families total in a very small room. About 8:30am, they called us into this very small immigration room. A lady looked at our passports, stamped our papers, and we left! She never looked up at Malaena-Sloan. About 9, this young man called out "Alicia Harris", and we went to window #8. It looked like a bank teller's window. We slid a receipt and our passports under it. He asked us a couple of questions about how many children, would we change her name, and we raised our right hand and swore that the information we had given was the truth, nothing but the truth. We left....THAT WAS IT!

The highlight of our day was being with our girl and seeing her in a crowd. She looked at the other children and people, Daddy fed her a bottle and she took a nap on Daddy's lap! She had NO idea how she changed our lives in a split second! Malaena-Sloan Alicia Harris made us two of the most blessed people on earth! Donnie and I are so grateful to God for our miracle!


Chantelle Becking said...

Yee Haaaaa!!! LOVE IT!!! She is a Harris!!!!Wow I am too excited for words and she looked ADORABLE!!!! Love you guys and can hardly wait much longer! Need you to come home!

Penny said...

Whoopee!! Ditto for me on the excitement!! She is just beautiful! What a happy little girl, but why wouldnt she be? She has so many people already that love her and cant wait to help spoil her!!! Safe trip home, see you soon!! Luv you!

Vanessa said...

CONGRATS TO THE PROUD MOMMY AND DADDY!! I'm glad to see you guys crossed this last hurdle and you'll soon be heading home!! Hope to see you guys this summer!

Mari's Journey Home said...

Hi Cheri,
Just a cute little story. I watch a little girl who is 2, 3 days a week. On the days she is here we have to look at the "laena" baby pictures. She asks for it. Today she discoverd the picture of the "squishy face" and laughed! She has been walking around doing "squishy face" all morning.
SO cute!! Congratualtions! We love the beautiful pictures! This is all so exciting!

Cari said...

Congratulations you guys! I couldn't be happier for the two of you, I know you have been praying for this for such a long time! She is BEAUTIFUL I can't wait to see her in person. Save travels!!!

Amy J said...

You all look so happy! I think MaeLae knows she's with her forever family! Congratulations!!

I think she has grown since I left; cannot wait to get my hands on her when you get home!! Can I be her first babysitter?

Love and hugs, Amy

Michelle said...

Yeah!!!! Congratulations! Loved meeting you at the Marriott! I will keep you up to date on Isabel's adoption! Just got notification that we are back in PGN. Hopefully I will be bringing her home real soon!
I just got the picture of her feet framed for her room. Good Luck!


Congratulations!! You pictures are SOOOO adorable, how could anyone not just want to hug and kiss her :)

Enjoy the remaining time and have a safe trip home.