Monday, April 28, 2008

Cabin Fever!

This is our first "official" family picture. We went with another couple, Angie and Brian Roberts, to the market in Guatemala City. We have an angel baby! She just looks at everything and is so content!
This is the first time Malaena-Sloan has ever been dressed up like a girly-girl! She loved the dress and loved looking at her socks! I am so proud of this little girl. She is flip flopping around at all times and even sat alone for a few seconds today! She is progressing at rapid speed, and, of course, Mama and Daddy are working with her 24/7!!!!
I love this picture! Ms. Malaena-Sloan has such a personality and wants to express herself so badly. She has some very dramatic looks, and we love them!

I have been at the Marriott for 8 days now, and, yep, I've got the cabin fever! I am totally loving this time with Malaena-Sloan, yet I am ready to have all her toys and be able to wash laundry whenever I'm ready. Also, we miss our boys so much, and I miss eating lunch with Chantelle and Bianca! I miss eating a turkey reuben at McAlister's and having a glass of tea! We are on the countdown! We'll get through this quickly enough!


Becky said...

Hi Cheri and Malaena,
We wanted to let you know it was so nice to meet you @ the Marriott in Guatemala last week! We wish you and your family all the best! I'll be praying all goes smoothly at your Embassy appointment on Wednesday.
I hope Malaena is feeling better now.
We made it HOME safely and we're doing very well!
Thanks again for taking the pics for us...they are great!
Keep in touch!

God Bless!
Becky, Kevin and Alex Feese

Chantelle Becking said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE...That is all I can say. And yes I was a freak when I said Embassy appt was today...Just homesick for you kids I suppose! The new photos are fab and Eric is so impressed with what a good blogger you are!
We as always love and miss....Ready to get back to our old routine!
Love Chantelle, Bianca, Eric