Monday, February 11, 2008


We are registered with the New Central Authority. Our agency sent an email letting us know that we can breath a little easier! What's next?! Our prayer is back into PGN (like our Attorney General's office.) We are praying for a speedy process in PGN with no Kick-Out's (KO's). They can kick your paperwork out for the smallest thing...even a typo! Before January 1st, the average stay in PGN was 8 weeks. I know that our attorney's track record is better than that as she just got a case through PGN in 3 weeks! I have heard different opionions about how long PGN will now take and some think that things may go quicker as they've had time to get a lot of cases out since none could enter or re-enter. We will see.

After PGN, we are required to have a second DNA done on Malaena-Sloan that proves she is still the same baby we agreed to adopt. Then will come a new birth certficate naming Malaena as a Harris with our names as her parents. This will be followed by a VISA and a passport. The last hoop to jump through is we will get an embassy appointment. That will be a happy day as that will be our pick-up trip.

We are so ready to enter the "FINAL PHASE." Donnie does a great job at maintaining normalcy in our lives. I am quite consumed with the adoption. The weather affects me a lot! Today, we are having an ice storm and the boys were dismissed from school at 10:30. So, I have lots of time to research adoption stuff between doing laundry. Please continue to pray for Malaena-Sloan and her adoption. Thanks!


Carla said...

Congratulations on your CA registration! I am waiting very impatiently for our registration notification. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. Your baby girl is beautiful! I recognize her pic from the yahoo board. If that's not her, that's got to be her twin. Josie's DNA is the first DNA. We just started our journey to Josie on 12/26/07 when we signed POA in GC.

Ferrick said...

You are so right Cheri, she totally fits in with your fam! She is so very protected by her Heavenly Father. Looking forward to talking with you this week. Thanks for sharing photos of your sweet girl, she is very edible! Susie