Friday, February 8, 2008


We are finally seeing some progress in getting Malaena home! Unfortunately, the stall in getting Malaena home has been due to a political conflict in Guatemala! The country got a new president mid-January. The night before coming into office, the old president appointed the officials for the Central Authority. WELL...this didn't sit well with the new president. He appointed his own folks to run the place, but the "original" gang wouldn't leave their post 'til after a court order!!! Fortunately, our Department-of-State and Immigration Department posted today that the Central Authority will be working OVER THE WEEKEND to get cases registered!!!! I guess the new president finally allocated the money for the CA and since his people are in place, they are going to do what they need to do for OUR baby girl registered (along with many others babies.)

We pray we receive the document TOMORROW then the next step will be to re-enter PGN. What we have heard is that PGN wants to get the outstanding cases resolved. We are still praying that late March, we will be traveling to bring our bouncing baby girl home!!! Our baby, our case, our lives....totally in God's hands! Today, we are one day closer to getting our girl home! Keep the prayers going up! Thanks!


Candy said...

Right there with you sister....come on LET US BACK IN...and the PUSH us at the speed of sound OUT FOR GOOD...lets pray we pick up TOGEHTER...Sounds FUN!!!

Ferrick said...

Hi Cheri! You know God has this all under control. Your daughter is CA registered in Jesus' name!!! Let's touch base this week via phone. Looking forward to talking with you. Susie

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

Just found your blog on Guatadopt....your baby girl is PRECIOUS!!! I am praying that y'all get back into PGN very soon. My hubby and I are adopting a precious little girl from Guatemala too. The waiting is so hard!!!

Lindsey Wheeler