Monday, February 11, 2008

Look at Our SWEET Angel....

The person that took these pictures said, "She babbles a lot, likes to kick her feet, is not rolling over yet. She responds to/laughs a lot when spoken to. She does bear weight on her legs and stood up on my lap when I held her." She left out how adorable and precous she is! She looks so happy and she's quite photogenic. There were 10 pictures sent and not ONE bad shot! She's a natural "HAM!" She fits right in!


Kelly said...

What a cutie!!!! She is just beautiful.

Stacy said...

Look at your BEAUTIFUL girl! She IS so photogenic! So happy you're registered with the CA. She'll be home before you know it!!!


Chantelle, Eric, Bianca said...

Man she just gets cuter and cuter if that is possible!!!! These pics are even better posted. When I opened them in my email they were really big so I could not see all of her little self all at once. Ooooh! I cannot wait to get my hands on her! I mean, of course, once you have hogged her for as long as you need!!!!!
Love love you guys

Candy said...

AWWWWW... LOVE THAT GIRL...she sure will have her hands full with Jagger as her MAN...hehe

I emailed you tonight


Just Clay said...

Cheri -

I am a "lurker" on your adoption journey. My family and I briefly met you at your restaurant in O'Fallon. It was a month ago and we were celebrating our older two children's birthdays and you treated all four of our kids with yummy cookies. Our "quartet of gifts" are all adopted from Guatemala, and we drink up other similar stories. My heart can just feel your excitement and can identify with your desire for it to go faster, faster, faster. The amazing thing is, she will come home at exactly the RIGHT time!!!!! I enjoy reading her updates.

I had asked you at the store if you would consider bringing home a specific item from Guatemala when you travel there. I was wondering if you would still consider that? If you are willing, I will give you all of the details etc. that you would need. And, if you unable to do that, no problem. I thought I would ask. Here is my email address: If you would consider, you can drop me an email. If I do not hear from you, no worries.

She is sooooo pretty,


Heidi said...


She such a doll...and YAY we are registered! I hope you are in and out of PGN fast.