Monday, February 4, 2008


We just got an update that our case is registered. This is an awesome way to begin our week! We are still unsure when we will re-enter PGN but I just beieve this will be the week!!

It was 25 degrees in Jackson, MO, on Friday. Today, it was 72 degrees. UNBELIEVABLE! I've had some serious sinus pressure with this weather change. I haven't updated about Brock recently. He's been very ILL, and his ear drained a lot for about 4 days. This isn't a good sign, but he's on oral antibiotics and antibiotic eardrops. We will go back to the doctor next Monday to find out more.

Donnie has a basketball game tonight. He and Logan keep us busy going to basketball games. Alex just goes with the flow. He's into sitting in front of the computer non-stop. Tally Dog is doing well. He's training us for when Malaena-Sloan comes home! Believe me....there are few dull moments in our household and I know when we get our little short-stack home it will be even more of a sitcom! Hopefully, you'll be hearing great news from me this week regarding our adoption!


Candy said...

Hey girly send me your email address...I have a Semi Private In Process BLOG and I would love to invite you....thanks for finding my BLOG.....I just added you to my Google Reader too....HUGS

Kelly said...

Awesome news!!!!I know this weather is soooo creepy, I want it to stay in the 70's.Its a killer on the sinuses, this fli flopping around. Sending good vibes that your back in PGN by the end of the week!!! :)

Stacy said...

What great news! Can you believe the delays?! It makes the progress even sweeter, though! Hoping you're in PGN by week's end!


Hossam said...

hi this is ma firist visit to ur blog
it is really awesome
ur girl is too inncoence
god bless her
hope be a frinds
c u soon

Ferrick said...

That's great news Cheri! I just know that the flood gates are open for CA this week and New PGN Registers. here in Michigan ,we have the same crazy weather, only its pooring rain and we have a foot of snow on the ground. Craziness! Blessings, Susie

Amy said...

That's great news!!! I hope your journy continues to move on a smooth and quick path!