Friday, January 18, 2008


Brock went to the ear doctor today for his one-month check-up. We can't tell a lot at this point except there is no whole in the eardrum! This is awesome news. He can go about his business by being able to lift whatever, and not wearing a cottonball 24/7. We won't know if hearing is restored until another 60 days but will have another check-up in a month.

As far as the adoption seems that things are moving out of PGN quickly. The CA is supposedly formed and will be accepting cases for registration. We are still thinking that we could be traveling some time in March to bring our baby Malaena-Sloan home! We should have some concrete news next week!

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The Ferrick Family said...

ADORABLE and tiny! She is precious. You are so saved as one of my favorite blogs! Susie